Microsoft Windows Updates from July 2018 affecting Neverfail Engine Channel Connection


Microsoft launched 2 updates in July 2018 which are affecting the TCP connections made by Neverfail Engine for its Channel (Replication) connection.

To identify if you're facing this problem you can check Neverfail Engine logs. In the Active server logs you will see this error:

 WARN759887[ChannelThread:ToSECONDARY#1](com.neverfail.nfchannel.ChannelThread:ToSECONDARY#1) - Ignoring IOException Address already in use: bind
 at Method)

In the logs of the Passive server you will see constant errors about failing to establish Neverfail Channel:

INFO557609[Thread-2633394](com.neverfail.alerter.Alerter) - cooked: Neverfail Continuity Engine Yellow Alert from toare-knuckle01 (SECONDARY): Failed to establish the Neverfail Channel
INFO557609[ChannelThread:ToPRIMARY#1](com.neverfail.nfchannel.ChannelThread:ToPRIMARY#1) - Connected to /
INFO557609[ChannelThread:ToPRIMARY#1](com.neverfail.nfchannel.ChannelThread:ToPRIMARY#1) - Connection established. About to handshake.
INFO557609[ChannelThread:ToPRIMARY#1](com.neverfail.nfchannel.ChannelThread:ToPRIMARY#1) - Handshake timeout set to 2624943000
INFO557609[ChannelThread:ToPRIMARY#1](com.neverfail.nfchannel.ChannelThread:ToPRIMARY#1) - 46 Bytes written to socket. ([C@339f8b2e)
INFO557609[ChannelThread:ToPRIMARY#1](com.neverfail.nfchannel.ChannelThread:ToPRIMARY#1) - -1 Bytes of response received.
ERROR557609[ChannelThread:ToPRIMARY#1](com.neverfail.nfchannel.ChannelThread:ToPRIMARY#1) - Connection closed during read.
ERROR557609[ChannelThread:ToPRIMARY#1](com.neverfail.nfchannel.ChannelThread:ToPRIMARY#1) - Failed to handshake, Exception:


To solve this, please check if the servers have the following patches installed:

Security Update KB4338824 2018-Jul-11  
Security Update KB4338815 2018-Jul-11

Please follow the steps in this article to mitigate the issue:

More information about these patches can be found here:

Once the fix has been applied to both servers please go ahead and restart he Neverfail Engine service.

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