How to uninstall Heartbeat 6.7 using command line


This KB article provides the method to uninstall old Heartbeat 6.7 versions using command line utility as an alternative to the Uninstall option from Add-Remove Programs.

1. Ensure all the Neverfail Heartbeat processes are stopped and close the Neverfail Heartbeat
Management Client and System Tray icon;

2. Copy the Heartbeat 6.7 kit and unzip the contents;

3. Create a .txt file with the following configuration parameters:


4. Start a command prompt with administrator privileges and browse inside the Heartbeat folder;

5. Run the following command: start /wait setup –f:hb.txt -ni

6. If you receive the following output:

you will need to first run this command, in order to unblock the files at OS level:
streams -d -s
the Streams application designed by Sysinternals ( can be used to to automate this process.

7. Re-run the start /wait setup –f:<parameter_file> -ni command and the uninstall process will start;

8. Reboot the server.

As a note, after the uninstall process, the Secondary-Passive server will be visible on the network by Public IP so it's best to unplug the cable from the Public NIC and use only the Channel to connect to the Passive, in order to avoid any problems.

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