How to manually deploy Engine on the Secondary server when this is a clone of the Primary server by using EMS


This KB should be used ONLY if the following conditions are met:

1. Secondary server is a clone of the Primary server e.g. you pre-cloned the servers.

2. Engine has been already deployed on the Primary server.

If there are differences at the OS level or in the applications that will be protected by Engine, don't apply this procedure and use instead the automated cloning options from the EMS or the manual cloning options described in the Install Guide for deploying a Secondary server.

During this procedure, please make sure that the Secondary server has the Public interface unplugged (disconnected), to ensure that there won't be any interference (IP conflict) with the Primary (production) environment.

From the EMS, deploy Engine on the Secondary server just like it would be a Primary by connecting to it on the Channel IP or a Management IP:

After the deploy is done, you will need to reconfigure the machine manually to act as a Secondary in the Neverfail pair by following the steps below:

1. Make sure Engine is stopped on the server;
2. From the Windows Networking, re-configure the Channel NIC and if the Public IP is different between the servers, the Public one as well;
3. Start the Neverfail Configure Server wizard;
4. In Machine tab, make sure the server Identity is set to Secondary and that the Active server is set to be the Primary;

5. In Channel tab, delete if there are any entries and configure the Channel settings;

6. If the Public IPs are different, reconfigure the Public IP settings from the Public tab;

7. Start Engine on the Secondary-Passive server;
8. Re-connect the cable for the Secondary-Public NIC;

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