Scope of work - New Cloud Instance


A Workspaces Cloud is the virtual construct which contains the physical resources such as network, storage, and the underlying physical servers. An Organization is able to consume cloud resources via a Workspace that is created. In other words, an Organization's Workspace uses the cloud's physical layer to create and run virtual servers.

A cloud can be as small as a Resource Pool within a multi-tenant vCenter, a Private Cloud with hardware dedicated to one Organization, or as large as a stand alone data center. The purpose of this task is to consult with the customer and assist the customer to design, configure, and deploy a new cloud.

Scope of Work


  • Either a Secure Cloud or Private Cloud must exist, including storage and networking provisioned into the cloud.
  • A public IP address must be available.
  • A new DNS name for the Cloud broker will be required and the entry will need to be added to the domain's public DNS.
  • A firewall must be installed. Port forward rules will be required and the customer must know how to manage their firewall or have the appropriate resource available to make changes as needed.
  • An I-WaaS user service account must be provisioned with proper permissions. This account can either be based upon an identify source, for example an Active Directory domain, or a local account in the VSphere.local directory.
  • If an existing Active Directory domain exists in another "cloud," and the customer wants to configure a stretch Active Directory setup, then the customer must configure a VPN tunnel between the two clouds.

Once the prerequisites are met Neverfail will:

  • Validate permissions for the proper resources using the I-WaaS account.
  • Create a new cloud within Workspaces and provisioned resources, network and storage, will be added.
  • Create one new Windows template.
  • If setting up a stretch AD configuration, a domain controller must be created within the new cloud, and per Microsoft best practice configured as a site with notify replication enabled. Neverfail will assist in provisioning and setting up a domain controller.
  • If the new Cloud will be for a NEW domain (not BYOAD), Neverfail will build either a shared or dedicated domain. This will be done via the Workspaces provisioning engine and will not be a stretch AD. This is a basic AD with no customization.
  • Deploy a stand alone Broker in the new cloud.
  • If one does not exist, a new Organization will be provisioned in the new cloud.
  • Create a new Workspace in the new cloud.
  • If this is a stretch deployment, Neverfail will build a Workspace associated with an existing Organization. Under this scenario the Organization will have at least two Workspaces, one in the new cloud and one in the old cloud.
  • Publish either a desktop or session host.
  • Test desktop or application launch.

Acceptance Criteria

  • New Cloud resources are populated in Workspaces - networks and storage.
  • After domain is properly configured and a new standalone Broker has been deployed either in the stretched Domain or in a New Domain.
  • If a new Domain is being used a new Organization has been provisioned.
  • A new Workspace has been created using either a new Organization or the stretched domain Organization.
  • An application session host has been provisioned.
  • An application has been tested with successful launch.
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