How to Create a new Organization


Once a Domain exists you will be able to run the Create organization wizard. An Organization is where Users and Groups are created. A couple of things to understand about Organizations:

  • An Organization is the equivalent of an Active Directory Domain.
  • An Organization can be a dedicated domain, part of a shared Domain, or a BYOAD domain.
  • An Organization does not exist within a Cloud or a Workspace.
  • Workspaces are associated to an Organization, and you can have more than one Workspaces, one per cloud, associated with an Organization.


To create a new Organization, follow the steps below.


  1. Click Organizations in the blue bar on the left side of the page
  2. Click Create Organization


The following Wizard will begin.

  1. Domain: From the drop menu select the Domain you wish to create the Organization in. If this is a shared Domain the organization will be created as an OU within the Domain you specify. Refer to the article on Domain Creation linked at the bottom of the page.
  2. Click Next


The following dialogue box will open, complete it as follows:


  1. Organization Name: Enter the name for the new Organization. This name is what will appear in the table on the Organizations page.
  2. E-mail domain: User’s log into Workspaces using a User Principal Name (UPN) account format. By default, new user accounts are created by using the email address domain you enter in this box. It is strongly recommended that you use the email domain for the customer Organization you are creating. For example: if you put “” in this field, by default all new accounts will be created in the format: If a user has a different email address, you will be able to modify individual accounts during the user creation process, or after creation, by accessing the individual user’s profile.
  3. Administrator password: Enter the password to be used for that administrator account.
  4. Confirm Password: Confirm the administrator password
  5. Click Next


You are given the opportunity to review the information you have entered. Be sure you review the name and the spelling carefully for any mistakes.



When you are sure everything is correct click Create and a Workflow will begin to create the organization.


After the Workflow has finished, in the Organization screen you will see your new Organization, in this case Hightimes.



After the Organization has been created click on the Organization and then on the Users tab. In the actions box, shown below, click Invite AD User.

A drop-down list will appear, select the account, click invite.

The user account will now show up in the Users list and be activated.

You can now create new users and groups, and add users to groups. Follow the links below for more information.

How to Create a New Domain

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Adding users to groups

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