How to create a new Workspace


After you have Created a Domain, an Application Gateway, and Organization you can create a Workspace. To do this follow these steps:



  1. In the blue bar on the left side of the screen click Workspaces
  2. Click Create Workspace button.


A new dialogue box will open as shown in the next image, complete the dialogue box using the steps below:


  1. Cloud: Select the Cloud you wish to create the Workspace in. It is important to understand that it is possible, if you have more than one Cloud in your environment, to create one Workspace per Organization in each of the Clouds. You cannot have more that one Workspace for a specific Organization in the same Cloud.
  2. Organization: Select the Organization you are building this Workspace for.
  3. Network: Pick the correct Network associated with the Organization you are creating the Workspace for. Only the networks associated with the Cloud you selected will be visible. YOU CANNOT CHANGE THE NETWORK ONCE IT IS SET - MAKE SURE YOU HAVE IT CORRECT!
  4. Template: Select a Template to use for the creation of the Workspace
  5. Template Type: select from the options.
    1. App Host: creates a template to be used for publishing applications
    2. Desktop Host: creates a template which will deliver a full desktop
    3. Persistent Session Host: create a template to provision a Persistent Session Host.
  6. Name: Provide the name for the template. It is recommended you include:
    1. Windows Version of the template
    2. The customer’s name
    3. The purpose
  7. Description: optional - Add any additional description necessary to explain what the template is. You might include information such as what is on the template, the intended purpose, or any other unique details.

Press Create and a Workflow begins.


After the Workflow creating the Workspace is complete you will see the new Workspace as shown in this next Image:



The next step(s) would be to create virtual machines, below are links on how to create different types of virtual machines:

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