How to Clone an existing Workspace Template


To publish an application or desktop you must have the correct type of template available. There will be at least one Template available which was created during the create Workspaces process. To view the available template(s) follow the image below. 

TIP: You can either click the “quick link” as highlighted in the image, or you can click into the Workspace and locate the Templates tab along the top. Quick links are available in many areas of Workspaces to make navigation easier.


Once in templates screen you will see similar to this next image.

Notice that the template type is Desktop host. This means you can publish a desktop host, but because there is no Application template available you cannot publish an application host (App Host).

If you wish to create an App Host Template (or any type of new template) begin by clicking on the template as shown in the image above.

Once inside the template screen click "Clone Template" as shown in the image below.


A new dialogue box, as shown in the next image, will open. Complete the fields as instructed below.

Before you begin, one thing you should consider is because you are cloning a template anything installed in the source template will be included in the new template.

  1. Enter a descriptive name. It is recommended you include in the name:
    1. The OS the template is based upon.
    2. The name of the company the Template is for.
    3. The Type of template it is – Application for example
  2. Clone Type – in the drop down select on of the three choices.
    1. App Host – creates a template used to publish applications
    2. Desktop Host – creates a template that will allow users access to a Windows desktop.
    3. Windows – creates a template that can be used to create Windows ONLY server for things such as fileservers and other Line of Business servers. Keep in mind because this is a clone anything installed in the source template will also be in this template.
  3. Provide any further description
  4. Workspace – select the Workspace you wish to provision this template for. Normally you are cloning the template for the same company, however, it is possible to clone a template to another Workspace associated with a different customer. You may want to do this if you have a generic template that has been created and you wish to share it with other customers.
  5. Press Clone

A new Workflow will begin and when it has completed you will see a screen similar to the image below with a new template.

 Now that an application template is available you can publish applications. For more information on how to publish a desktop or application follow these links.

How to Publish a Windows Desktop


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