Scope of work - Quick Start - Initial Build and Training


While it is possible for a customer to configure their own workspaces, it is a complex process that requires advanced knowledge of both the Workspaces product and the configuration of the Cloud.

The purpose of this service is to both assist the customer in provisioning their Workspaces implementation, and to teach the customer many of the key concepts regarding the theory of how Workspaces is designed. The training includes significant hands-on experience with the product.

Scope of Work

Neverfail will assist with, and provide instruction, to get the following prerequisites completed:

  • Networks
  • Firewall setup
  • Storage
  • Cloud Permissions
  • API User account
  • URLs determined and DNS entries entered
  • IP address scheme defined
  • Public IP addresses defined

After the prerequisites are met, Neverfail will:

  • Build a base template for initial deployment - Windows 2016 or 2012. If using 2016 then the customer must have 2016 RDS CALs for this to function properly. Neverfail does not provide RDS CALs.
  • The following will be in the Primordial image: Java, Neverfail connector, Notepad++, 7Zip, Chrome, and all Windows patches at time of creation.
  • Bootstrap a new custom Workspaces.
  • Validate Workspaces portal login.

Training Engagement Included

Up to eight (8) additional hours of training to cover as much material as possible related to the listed in scope topics. It is possible everything will not be covered with in the eight hours, therefore anything beyond eight hours is billable at the standard support rate. Training will be in two-four (4) hour blocks. Due the material, large blocks of time are required to efficiently utilize the available time. Unused time does NOT carry over in to additional sessions.

Training to include:

  • Setup a new standard Organization in the Service Provider shared AD.
  • Setup a new standard Workspace associated to Shared AD Org that was created in previous step.
  • How to build a new server from a template in the Service Providers workspace. This server will be a Fileserver and can be used as an RDS license or Thin Print (if it is in the environment) license server.
  • Instruct how to, and assist with, the Install of the TS license server role - if CUSTOMER OWNED RDS CALs are available at the time of training Neverfail will install them.
  • Cover what a template is, why Neverfail use it, and how to modify it.
  • Neverfail will install up to four (4) basic applications in a template during the process, the customer MUST know how to perform the install. Time spent learning how to install the application will be included in training time. This is limited to applications which do not require extra LOB servers such as SQL, dedicated application LOB server, in total two (2) hours of training time will be allocated to application installation.
  • Deploy, from the existing template which was was created during the setup, a new server and publish applications from it.
  • Demonstrate how to clone a template - make either an app template or desktop template.
  • Create a session host pool with two (2) servers and demo load balancing.
  • Cover UPD and Folder redirection and why it should be used.
  • Using the previously created file server, implement the UPD and Folder redirection technique for one workspace.
  • Time permitting within the allotted eight (8) hours, demonstrate creating a new dedicated domain and App Gateway.
  • Time permitting with in the allotted eight (8) hours, discuss BYOAD, what it is, when to use it, and it's requirements. This does NOT include deployment of a BYOAD.

Acceptance Criteria

  • The environment is setup and a customer log into their portal with the administrator account.
  • The customer can launch the test application which was created during the bootstrap process.
  • At least one new account and group has been created and activated.
  • A new basic shared domain tenant organization has been provisioned.
  • A new Workspace associated to the new tenant Organization has been provisioned.
  • A new application session host has been provisioned.
  • The customer can launch an application from the new Workspace.
  • 8 hours of training, in two four hour blocks, has been completed with the customer.


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