Scope of work - Setup Additional Active Directory Domain (not BYOAD), Organization, and Workspace


The purpose of this feature is to build an additional Active Directory (not BYOAD) for a new Organization (customer) which is not part of the original shared multi-tenant Active Directory. The new Active Directory can be either a Dedicated Domain, meaning only ONE Organization can utilize it, or a Shared Domain, which will allow the Organization for whom the AD was created to share it with other Organizations they will manage.

Scope of Work

  • Using the Workspaces provisioning process a new domain will be created including a new Domain Controller.
  • A new RDS Gateway will be created.
  • A new organization will be created.
  • The associated workspace will be created.
  • An application or desktop will be published from the base template and launched.

Acceptance Criteria

  • Customer can provision a new user in the newly created Organization's domain.
  • A new Gateway Broker has been created.
  • A Workspace has been created and a desktop or application published.
  • The newly created user can run a desktop or published application.
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