Organization Dashboard



The Organization dashboard is a summary screen displaying all the resources and actions performed on a specific Organization. Each Organization has its own dashboard.

Follow the steps below to access a workspace dashboard.

  1. Log in to your Neverfail Workspaces account.
  2. Go to Organizations.
  3. Click one of your available Organizations.


The dashboard provides the following information:


Active Users: Active number of users by month


App Usage History: Applications used, how many hours of Usage, and how many sessions.


Workspaces: Lists the Workspaces associated with the Organization.


Status and Action Pane: displays the following information.

  1. The Name of the Organization you are viewing.
  2. The Logo that has been uploaded for this Organization.
  3. Domain: The name of the Active Directory domain in which this Organization exists.
  4. RDP Feed URL: Provided the feed URL for this Organization. By clicking the button you can copy, and then provide, the feed URL to your users so they can add it to their Remote Apps and Desktops configuration. For more information follow the link at the bottom of this page to the Getting started with Remote Apps article.
  5. Upload Logo: From here you can add a logo for this organization.
  6. Group Sync: Click on this to sync you Active Directory Groups.


Getting Started with Remote App





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