How to Create a New Network


In Workspaces a network is created by first providing the basic details defining the network, Name, Gateway, Netmask, and DNS server(s). Once the network is defined you will link a port group to that network.

During the process of creating a new Workspace you will select the network which will be used by the virtual machines created within it.

Simple Method: If you do not need to segment your network for different tenants into separate subnets then you can allow all your Workspaces to use the same network. With this model each time you create a new Workspace you will select the same network. In a multi-tenant environment this is not a highly secure model and the use case should be considered carefully.

Advanced Method: In a shared Active Directory, with multiple Organizations, it is possible to create individual Workspaces (one per Organization) and assign each new Workspace a unique network to segment the virtual machines across different subnets. Of course, you must still configure Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, and your firewall to handle this type of design so that network traffic is routed to the correct Gateway, Domain controller(s), and any other back end infrastructure servers that you create and share among tenants.


To create a new network follow these steps:


 Create a network by going to:

  1. Settings: Select settings from the blue bar in the left pane of the screen.
  2. Networks: Locate the Network item in the menu across the top of the screen.
  3. Create Network: click create network.


A new dialogue box will be presented, fill in the fields as follows:


  1. Name: Enter the name of the network you are creating. Best practice is to provide the name which matches the Organization and a Cloud location so it is easy to determine exactly what the network is for.
  2. Default Gateway: Provide the Default Gateway for the network. This is always the IP address of your router or firewall.
  3. Netmask: Provide the Netmask in CIDR format
  4. DNS: Enter the DNS server which will be used in this Network. Almost always this will be thie IP address of your Active Directory server(s)


Click Save which will start a new Workflow.



After the workflow finished the screen will be updated as shown in this next image:

  1. Shows the newly created Network name. This is the friendly name which can be modified.
  2. At this point there Port Group has not been linked. You will have to link a port group to this network as outlined below.
  3. The Link button  used to connect a port group to a network.


In order to use a network you must link a Port Group (or virtual wire if using vSphere NSX) to the newly created Network. To do this click the link button shown in step #3 above and the dialogue box below will open.

Using the drop-down select the cloud for which you plan to link a Port Group to the network. 



After you select the cloud click Next…



Click the drop-down next to Port Group as shown in the next image below:


A list of available Port Groups for that Cloud will be displayed. Select the correct port group.

IMPORTANT: Be sure you select the correct port group on based upon the subnet that you want the VMs connected on. This setting can be modified later if you make a mistake.


 After you select the correct port group a screen similar to the next image below will appear.


Click the Link button


As shown in the next image, the Network screen will now display the Network with the Linked Port Group attached to it.



You have finished the creation of a new network, which you can use to create a new Workspace and attach virtual machines to.


How to Create a New Workspace



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