How to Create a New Domain



A new domain is created when a separate domain is required for a specific customer. The typical use cases for this are:

  • Security of the Active Directory is a concern for the customer and they want their own unique domain. Under this model the Domain is 100% segmented from other customers.
  • The customer wants to have extended rights to their Active Directory, IE; they want Domain Admin rights so they can directly manage it.
  • A new customer is migrating to the cloud and they already have an Active Directory which they want to keep. This is called a Bring Your Own AD and there is a link below to a KB article with more information on it.

It is important to understand, if you have a new customer dedicated domain, or a customer BYOAD, you must create a dedicated App Gateway to support that domain. This is a requirement is because an App Gateway is associate to a specific domain and cannot be shared between domains.


There are three types of Domain that can be created within Workspaces:

  1. Shared: this type of domain allows multiple future tenant Organizations to share the same domain. New Organizations will be created as Organization Units (OU) within the Shared AD. The Service Provider domain is a Shared Domain. You can also create a Shared Domain for a customer which allows them to share their domain with their customers being created as OUs in the Active Directory.
  2. Dedicated: this type of domain is dedicated to only ONE Organization and cannot be shared. You will NOT be able to create additional Organization within this type of Domain.
  3. BYOAD: Bring Your Own Active Directory – this type of Domain is special because it connects to an existing domain that the customer provides, or as the name implies “brings with them”. This type of Domain is a type of dedicated domain, therefore, it can have only one Organization associated with it, the original Organization from which it was derived.


NOTE: These following steps in this article DO NOT apply to a BYOAD, to learn more about a BYOAD follow the link below.


How to Deploy a Bring Your Own Domain


To create a new domain, Shared or Dedicated, follow these steps below as illustrated in the next series of images.



  1. Go to Settings in the blue bar on the left side of the page
  2. Select Domains from the menu items along the top
  3. Click create a new domain.


A “Create Domain” wizard will open as shown here:



As shown above, click the drop-down to select the type of Domain to be created.


The scope of this document is limited to either a Share or Dedicated Domain Type. Select one of the two types.



After you have selected the domain type press Next.


The following Create Domain dialogue box will be presented. Complete it as follows:


  1. Domain Label: Provide a friendly name that will be used within the Workspaces control panel to identify the domain. This corresponds to the Name column in the first image on this page.
  2. Domain Name: This is the name of your new Active Directory domain.
  3. Network: Select the network that you want to be the default for this domain. If you have not already created one, when you hover over the drop down box you will be presented with the option to create a new network. Follow the link at the bottom of the page to learn more about creating new networks.
  4. Cloud: Select the Cloud where this domain will be deployed. If you do not have a Cloud you will need to create one, again when you hover over the drop-down a link will be provided.
  5. Template: Select the template you wish to use to create the new Domain Controllers. Usually this will be the most generic template with no applications installed.
  6. IP Address: Enter the IP Address you will use for your domain controller. We recommend using .10 in the last octet, however, this is not a requirement.
  7. DNS Server: During the build process for the new domain you need to enter a DNS value.  Because the Active Directory DNS does not exist you will want to enter a public DNS server address.

Press Create and a new Workflow will begin.


How to Create a New Network


After the Workflows completes you will see a new domain in the list.

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