How to perform bulk actions for existing users - Add to Groups, Deactivate, Delete, and Send Activation Email


This document describes how to perform certain bulk User and Group operations.

You can perform the following bulk operations on users:

  • Add to Group(s): Add multiple users to one more more groups at a time.
  • Deactivate: Set the activation for multiple users to deactivated.
  • Delete: Delete multiple users
  • Send Activation Email: You can use this option to send an Activation Email to a group of users.


Start by logging into Workspaces and then follow the steps below:

  1. Click Organizations
  2. Select the specific Organization you wish to work with.


Once in the Organization screen click Users as shown below:



The list of users for this Organization will be displayed.


This next image shows the bulk actions. In order to be presented with these options complete the  steps outline below:


  1. Click the filter button.
  2. The available bulk actions will appear
  3. Check boxes will appear next to each user.
  4. Select the users you wish to perform an action on.
  5. Select from the bulk actions along the top to perform the required action against the selected users.


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