Managing And Patching Engine Clusters Using Cozen Passive Node Management Feature With SolarWindws Patch Manager



This article provides information on how to manage or patch Neverfail Continuity Engine clusters through SolarWindws Patch Manager, using Cozen Passive Node Management feature.

SolarWindws Patch Manager requirements

Prerequisite: SolarWindws Patch Manager requires WSUS feature enabled on the same server. SolarWinds Patch Manager uses WSUS to distribute Windows and third-party updates to the managed systems. More details about SolarWindws Patch Manager requirements can be found here: Prepare the Patch Manager server

Neverfail Engine cluster requirements

For Managed Systems, in order to communicate with WSUS server, every managed server, should have opened the ports for: File and Print Sharing. 

Enable Passive Node Management

Neverfail Continuity Engine servers should be able to access SolarWindws Patch Manager in order to be managed remotely from there.

  • On the active server this can be achieved through the Public IP address or through a Management IP Address. 
  • On the passive server, this can be achieved only through a Cozen Management Name and IP Address.

Thus, a Cozen Management Name and IP Address with access to SolarWindws Patch Manager must be configured on each node, in order to be able to connect to Quest KACE when both in active or passive role.

Neverfail Continuity Engine passive server nodes can be managed through SolarWindws Patch Manager only after performing the following configurations on the SolarWinds Patch Manager / WSUS server.

1. Configure the intranet update service with the IP address of the WSUS server

For WSUS you need to configure the GPO to use the IP address of the WSUS server as Neverfail Engine blocks DNS resolution from the passive servers:


2. Add Engine Cluster nodes to a Patch Manager Computer Group 

If not existing, create a Computer Group using SolarWinds Patch Manager console:  Patch Manager → Enterprise → Right click on: Microsoft Windows Network → "Add Patch Manager Computer Group"


Then add the Engine cluster nodes using "Add Computer" or "Browse Computer". Use the Public or Cozen name for the adding the active node and the Cozen Management name for adding the passive node


Result: all the Engine cluster nodes (both active and passive) are added as Managed Servers in SolarWindws Patch Manager. From this point on, they can be managed, patched etc. using the SolarWindws Patch Manager.

In this example: 

  • Primary:
    • Public name (when active) = ag-sw
    • Cozen Management name = ag-sw-s
  • Secondary (passive):
    • Public name (when active) = ag-sw
    • Cozen Management name = ag-sw-s



Applies to

SolarWindws Patch Manager v2.1.6

Neverfail Continuity Engine v8.5 and later

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