Neverfail Workspaces v3.3 - Release Notes



This Knowledge base article provides information about the 3.3 release of Neverfail Workspaces and all subsequent updates to this release.

Neverfail Workspaces v3.3.4

What's New


  • WS-4885 - MAJOR: - Unable to detect when a VM had been migrated from one Cloud to another. 
    • RESOLUTION: Workspaces is now able to detect when a VM has been migrated from one cloud to another. If a VM has been detected, it will now be tagged as migrated and an alert will be thrown.
  • WS-5227 - MAJOR: Some messages may not be dispatched to requested target connector in cases where another Thread is replaying unhandled messages. This would cause the connector to be marked as down.
    • RESOLUTION:  Unhandled messages will no longer cause the Connector handling the task to be marked down.
  • WS-5281 - CRITICAL: LDAP comms may get stuck when closing the SSL Socket. This would cause any LDAP queries to not return values, thus marking the connector as down.  
    • RESOLUTION: Assign a socket_timeout to any Socket created for the purpose of communicating with LDAP. This should allow waitForClose to return, and the SSLSocket itself to clean itself up as best it can. LDAP comms such as list groups for a user will no longer cause a connector to be marked down.
  • WS-5338 - MAJOR: Record_name is not being populated in the audit log. This field is for storing a denormalized view of the resource in case it is deleted.
    • RESOLUTION: Fixed the population of the field and backfill all audit_log entries from log_item.description.

These bugfixes resolve issues in v3.3.1

Neverfail Workspaces v3.3.1

The following information applies to the first update of the Neverfail Workspaces v3.3. This information builds upon the release notes for Neverfail Workspaces v3.3.

What's New


  • WS-5279 - Login performance drastically improved.


  • WS-5262 - Better mapping of LDAP connection errors to human-friendly errors


  • WS-5283 - Connector latency always displaying '0'
  • WS-5286 - Cancel Install Model call was failing to initiate workflow

Neverfail Workspaces v3.3

The following information applies to the initial 3.3 release of Neverfail Workspaces.

Major New Features 

Configurable Windows Activation

Users are now able to enter a Windows activation key for Windows 2012 R2 and 2016 server or define a KMS Server to handle activation. Alerts are generated for Windows Servers that are not activated.

In previous versions, the Windows activation key was supplied by Neverfail. In the new version, the users are able to supply their own Windows activation key. This is now available in the Cloud->Settings.

Delete Guest Resiliency

Improvements have been made in deletion of a VM or Template. The "Delete Guest" and "Delete a Goldimage" workflow will now handle cases where the VM or template has been deleted.

In previous versions, if the VM or template was deleted from the hypervisor, the workflow would fail.

Publication Status Management Improvements

Workspaces has improved the detection of when apps need to be published.

In previous versions, when an app was moved from authorized to published, Workspaces would fail to recognize the app needed to be published.

Better RD Session Tracking

Workspaces has improved the tracking of user's session when an app is launched or exited.

In previous versions, when the app was exited, Workspaces reported that the user's session was still active on the Workspaces dashboard.

Install Mode Resiliency

Improvements have been made on cancelling a software installation. 

In previous versions, if the (Remove DHCP lease) workflow failed because Workspace does not have a record of the DHCP address assigned; it will now skip the workflow.

Allow VM Creation at Cloud Level

Users are now able to set the network and domain on a cloud level VM. An MSP may have multiple network and domains registered. However, instead of using the default network and domain, users can now select any network or domain defined by the service provider. In previous versions, the MSP could only the defaulted.


Minor Improvements


  • Reduced page load size
  • Reduced exclusive database access times


  • AD Site Locality for non-WS VMs
  • Connector-Organization affinity (avoids AD replication issues)
  • AD resolution enhancements for the fallback cases (when Sites and Services is NOT set up properly)


  • Reduced page load size
  • Reduced exclusive database access times


  • Blacklisted "Snipping Tool"


  • Fixed logs permissions
  • Auditing network share creation


  • Updated Walkthroughs
  • Updated "Before you start"
  • KB visibility for end users
    Networks filtered based on selected Cloud
  • Default list view 10 => 25 items
  • Table actions
  • Allowing 'Group Sync' for orgs in 'ERROR' status


  • Connector installer fixed
  • "Add Admin Role" failing during Org Provisioning
  • Various fixes for the HA deployment workflow
  • "Domain Admins" and "Domain Users" now shown for dedicated AD
  • Duplicate Publish workflows started when using PSH and App Store concurrently
  • Various fixes for "Republish" triggering
  • Fix for Networks with >= 3 DNS servers
  • Fixed sort by status on VMs
  • Resiliency for the "Delete Domain" workflow
  • Fixes for ending user RDS sessions
  • Org RDP Preference deletion bug fixed
  • Fix duplicate VM hardware configuration
  • Workflow deletion fixed for non-SP users
  • Removed audit logs for "USERAPP" resources
  • Removed port numbers for URLs in emails sent by WS
  • Various fixes for the "Delete Guest" Workflow
  • Fix for BYOAD validating SSL installed on AD
  • Fixes for default text in email templates
  • Fix for Internet Explorer being unpublished on PSH rescan
  • Displaying all connectors for a Domain or Cloud, regardless of their status
  • Fix for sub-workflow display
  • Ordered applications on Template and PSH screens
  • Disable deleting an org which is being deleted
  • Various fixes for "Create New Domain" workflow


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