Managing And Patching Neverfail Continuity Engine Clusters Using Cozen Passive Node Management Feature With System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) 2012 R2



This article provides information on how to manage or patch Neverfail Continuity Engine clusters through System Center Configuration Manager, using Cozen Passive Node Management feature.


System Center Configuration Manager 2012 R2

In the following sections we'll assume that System Center Configuration Manager and Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) are configured in your organization.

Neverfail Continuity Engine requirements

The following procedure assumes that the production server was correctly configured and managed using SCCM prior to installing Neverfail Engine. If the SCCM configuration is performed after Neverfail Engine installation then following conditions should be met by each node in the cluster:

  1. Neverfail Engine node should be in the same domain as the SCCM server.
  2. The following features should be enabled on Neverfail Engine nodes:
    • Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS), with:
      • Compact Server
      • IIS Server Extension
    • Remote Differential Compression
    • Remote Server Administration Tools, with:
      • Role Administration Tools, with:
        • Web Server (IIS) Tools
        • Windows Deployment Services Tools
      • Feature Administration Tools, with:
        • BITS Server Extension Tools
    • SNMP Services, with:
      • SNMP Service
      • SNMP WMI Provider
    • BranchCache
  3. Using SCCM, install the Configuration Manager Client on the node.
  4. Make sure the updates are set to Managed by your system administrator in Control Panel > Windows Updates.
  5. Make sure the Configuration Manager is available in Control Panel.
  6. Make sure the Software Center is available in Start Menu > Apps.

Enable Cozen Passive Node Management

Neverfail Continuity Engine servers should be able to access System Center Configuration Manager in order to be managed remotely from there.

  • On the active server this can be achieved through the Public IP address or through a Management IP Address. 
  • On the passive server, this can be achieved only through a Cozen Management Name and IP Address.

Thus, a Cozen Management Name and IP Address with access to System Center Configuration Manager must be configured on each node, in order to be able to connect to System Center Configuration Manager when both in active or passive role.



Note: DNS resolution port (53) is filtered by design on the passive nodes - as a consequence name resolution for the SCCM server should be configured on the all the cluster nodes, in the hosts file located in  C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc.

Managing a Neverfail Engine Cluster


Manage Neverfail Continuity Engine Cluster

All the Engine Cluster nodes registered in SCCM can be managed or patched no matter if they're active or passive.


Applies to

System Center Configuration Manager 2012 R2

Neverfail Continuity Engine 8.5 and later

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