Managing And Patching Neverfail Continuity Engine Clusters Using Cozen Passive Node Management Feature With GFI LanGuard



This article provides information on how to manage or patch Neverfail Continuity Engine clusters through GFI LanGuard, using Cozen Passive Node Management feature.


GFI LanGuard Server

Note: In the following sections we'll assume that GFI LanGuard is enabled/configured in your organization.

Enable Cozen Passive Node Management

Neverfail Continuity Engine servers should be able to access GFI LanGuard Server in order to be managed remotely from there.

  • On the active server this can be achieved through the Public IP address or through a Management IP Address. 
  • On the passive server, this can be achieved only through a Cozen Management Name and IP Address.

Thus, a Cozen Management Name and IP Address with access to GFI LanGuard must be configured on each node, in order to be able to connect to GFI LanGuard Server when both in active or passive role.




Managing a Neverfail Engine Cluster

Deploy GFI LanGuard Agent on Neverfail Continuity Engine Cluster

GFI LanGuard Agent is a software that should be installed on the managed-to-be servers. This agent connects to the GFI LanGuard Server providing information related to machine status, etc., as well as means of remote support, patch management, auditing, reporting, scripts scheduling. 

Firewall requirements: Communications between GFI LanGuard and managed computers (Agents and Agent-less), are done using the ports and protocols below. The firewall on managed computers needs to be configured to allow inbound requests on the following ports:


A way of deploying the agent on the managed-to-be Engine nodes is from "Configuration" tab, "Deploy agents".

After the agent installation, the managed nodes will be visible on the GFI LanGuard Management server.


Manage Neverfail Continuity Engine Cluster

All the Engine Cluster nodes registered in GFI LanGuard can be managed or patched no matter if they're active or passive.


Applies to

GFI LanGuard 12.4

Neverfail Continuity Engine 8.5 and later

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