Neverfail Workspaces v3.5.0 - Release Notes


Neverfail Workspaces v3.5.0

The following information applies to the initial 3.5 release of Neverfail Workspaces.

What's New

New Features 

Unable to delete a Workspace or Organization from Workspaces

Neverfail Workspaces now allows the user to delete a Workspace, Organization, or Virtual Machines if they are in error state.

No ability to Restart a Stopped Workflow

Neverfail Workspaces now appropriately handles the case where a Workflow has stopped. If a workflow has been stopped, Workspaces now shows the start button.

Drives Deleted from the Hypervisor and not Through Workspaces would Fail a Drive Deletion within Workspaces

Neverfail Workspaces now handles the case when a drive has been deleted from the hypervisor and not in Workspaces, an alert is now generated. The Workspaces workflow to delete a drive will now no longer fail when the drive has been manually deleted from the Hypervisor.

Display the Network Configuration of a VM

Neverfail Workspaces added the network information a VM is associated with above the Actions section located on the VM profile page.


"Copy the Generic Image" Workflow

Neverfail Workspaces has a 20 minute timeout on "Copy the Generic Image" workflow. If a image failed reached the timeout, the only remediation was to delete the image and try the workflow again. If the underline copy of the image was not improved then the workflow would continually fail.

Workspaces' workflow will now track progress of the copy from within VMware and the 20 minute timeout was removed. Progress of the copy can now be seen in the workflow.

"Setting up a New Dedicated Domain" Walkthrough

The walkthrough guide provides more detail on the process of setting up a new dedicated domain.  Workspaces now displays this information in the walkthrough guide:

  1. Create a Network
  2. Create a Domain
  3. Create a ORG
  4. Create a App Gateway
  5. Create a Workspace

"LDAP Connection Retries"

Randomly LDAP calls will timeout, either because of network congestion or LDAP performance. When a timeout occurs the action calling LDAP would fail.

Neverfail Workspaces has improved the handling of these LDAP timeouts by allowing LDAP calls that timeout to back-off just in case the issue causing the timeout has been resolved. The reties will stop within 1 minute of the connection timeout.

Bug Fixes

  • WS-5400 - Do not Start a New Rename VM Workflow if There is an Existing One Running
  • WS-5397 - Email Sent when a User is Changing the Actual Email, Appears to be Expired or Invalidated
  • WS-5392 - An ORG Admin Should be Able to See Workflow History
  • WS-5391 - API call for Getting a VM is Failing in Case of an ORG Admin with Full Permissions on ORG and Cloud
  • WS-5284 - Failing to Purge SSE Data after Selecting Logout
  • WS-5380 - Not All VMs are Present on Import VMs Modal, Pagination is Not Present Anymore
  • WS-5376 - Return the Name of the Adapter found Collected by GetAdapterName
  • WS-5371 - Network Share Creation Modal is not Working Properly when Back and Next Buttons are Used
  • WS-5370 - Change the Way "Status Filter" on Workflow Filters Items.
  • WS-5347 - Available Apps for a Group Returns Empty list When an App From a PSH is Published to that Group
  • WS-5346 -  In the Audit Log, Change the Title Information for "import Users"
  • WS-5343 - Alerts Should be Type 'alert' and not 'audit'
  • WS-5337 - Only Show Connectors with the Role DOMAIN when Selecting a Domain Connector
  • WS-5332 - Add Multi-select of Groups to "Add User to Groups" on the User Profile Page
  • WS-5320 - Failed to Start from a Stopped "Conditional Reboot VM"
  • WS-5309 - Show a Friendlier login Exception Message
  • WS-5306 - After a Workspace is Deleted, Virtual Machine Page is Displayed with Status VIRTUAL MACHINE NOT FOUND
  • WS-5302 - no Error about Space on DB When Pulling ORGS in UI
  • WS-5301 - Adding Users to Groups from Group Actions is Failing
  • WS-5300 - Unsaved Changes Modal Appears when Self Creation Limit was Set and Save Button was Pressed
  • WS-5254 - Unable to End an Active Desktop Session when Select "End My Remove Sessions"
  • WS-5254 - Need to Clean up Active Sessions that Aren't Active
  • WS-5239 - failed Deleting an App Gateway because no Collection Existed or Apps
  • WS-4969 - PSQLException: ERROR: Invalid input Syntax for Type inet: "RDP"
  • WS-4766 - Form Validation Needed on "License Server Hostname" Under App Gateway
  • WS-4669 - "Attach Drives" of "Attach Mapped Drives" Failed to Mount on Used D: Drive but Task Completed Successfully.
  • WS-3830 - Running a Software Install on a Cloud Template Shouldn't Block a Workspace from Publishing


 Previous Version Release Notes:  Workspaces v3.3.x





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