Backup Neverfail Continuity Engine Clusters Using Cozen Passive Node Management Feature With Veritas Backup Exec



This article provides information on how to backup Neverfail Continuity Engine clusters through Veritas Backup Exec, using Cozen Passive Node Management feature.

Enable Passive Node Management

Neverfail Continuity Engine servers should be able to access Veritas Backup Exec in order to be managed remotely from there.

  • On the active server this can be achieved through the Public IP address or through a Management IP Address. 
  • On the passive server, this can be achieved only through a Cozen Management Name and IP Address.

Thus, a Cozen Management Name and IP Address with access to Veritas Backup Exec must be configured on each node, in order to be able to connect to Backup Exec Remote Agent when both in active or passive role.



Managing a Neverfail Engine Cluster

Deploy Backup Exec Remote Agent on Neverfail Continuity Engine Cluster

Backup Exec remote Agent Agent is a software that should be installed on the managed-to-be servers. This agent connects to the Veritas Backup Exec Server providing information related to inventory, etc., as well as means of remote backup job, restore, job monitor. 

Manage Neverfail Continuity Engine from Veritas Backup Exec

From Backup and Restore tab, press Add button.

This can be done in two ways:

1. Adding servers by DNS name


Additional configuration steps:

  • Active Server should be added with the Public Name, and the Passive Server should be added with Cozen Management Name.
  • After the first switchover, "Backup Exec Remote Agent for Windows" service on the new Passive server should be restarted.  Also, the new Passive server should be added to Backup Exec using its Management Name (in my case Primary passive management name)
  • After each subsequent switchover, the "Backup Exec Remote Agent for Windows" service should be restarted before doing any action -  (this may be automated using a post start task define in Neverfail Engine)



2. Adding servers by IP address.




Here's an example of expected behavior when Neverfail Engine clusters changes the active server (switchover):

Cozen Identity configuration: 

Physical Hardware Identity

Management Name

Public Name

Primary ag-vbe-p AG-VBEag
Secondary ag-vbe-s AG-VBEag

Assets before switchover, displayed in Veeam Backup And Replication Console using both configurations:



Assets after switchover, displayed in Veeam Backup And Replication Console using both configurations:



Manage Neverfail Continuity Engine Cluster

All the Engine Cluster nodes registered in Veritas Backup Exec can be backed up no matter if they're active or passive.

Applies to

Backup Exec 20.5

Neverfail Continuity Engine 8.5 and later

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