How To Enable Neverfail Engine's Patch Management

How To Enable Neverfail Engine's Patch Management


This article provides information on how to enable Management Name feature for managing and patching a Passive server from a Neverfail cluster.

More Information

An Active server from a Neverfail cluster can communicate in the network the Public (Production) IP address.
A Passive server, can cannot communicate in the network over the Public (Production) IP so a Management IP and Management Name can be configured for this.

Neverfail recommends having Management Name feature configured on each node, so that no matter which server will be Passive at a certain time, it can communicate into the network. 

To configure Management Name feature follow the steps below:
1. Stop the Neverfail Engine service
2. Open Neverfail Configure Server Wizard UI by choosing "Stop Webservices" when prompted
3. Go to Management section.
4. Add a Management Name and a Management IP like in the screenshot below.  



5. Create a new A-Record in your DNS to have the Management Name resolved against the Management IP.

6. Because DNS resolution port (53) is filtered (blocked) by design on the passive nodes, the name resolution for Management Name should be configured on the all the Neverfail servers, in the hosts file located in  C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc.

Applies to

Neverfail Continuity Engine 8.5 and later