How to License Neverfail Continuity Engine v8.0

How to License Neverfail Continuity Engine v8.0


This Knowledgebase article provides the process to obtain and install a license key onto Neverfail Continuity Engine v8.0.  

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The Neverfail Continuity Engine Management Service user interface provides the ability to license your Neverfail Continuity Engine cluster using a simple wizard.

Configure an Internet Proxy Server for Licensing

For organizations that use an Internet Proxy, the Configure Internet Proxy Settings dialog provides the ability to configure settings for the proxy to allow Neverfail Continuity Engine licensing to successfully complete.


To configure for use with an internet proxy:

  • Provide the hostname or IP address of the proxy, the port number, and if required account credentials.

License the Selected Server

Licensing is performed via the Neverfail Continuity Engine Management Service.

To license Neverfail Engine:

Note: Automated licensing of Neverfail Continuity Engine requires use of the internet. If your organization uses an internet proxy, configure proxy information in the Management -> License > Configure an Internet proxy server for licensing dialog.

  1. To add a license for Neverfail Continuity Engine, navigate to the Management drop-down and click on License > License the Selected Server.

    Apply License 1
  2. If there is an Internet connection from the Neverfail Continuity Engine Management Service, select Apply a License from your Neverfail account, enter your Neverfail credentials, press Next and continue from step 4.
  3. If there is no Internet connection from the Neverfail Continuity Engine Management Service, you can obtain a license key from Neverfail. Select Manually enter a license key, enter the key and press Apply. If the key is successfully applied, click Finish, otherwise review the error message.

    Apply License 2
  4. In the Select License step, from the table of licenses, select the license to apply based on the features required. Licenses already used for the selected cluster are shown as Applied. Click Next.
  5. Review the Ready to Complete summary information and Click Next.
  6. On the Apply License step, click Finish.  

Applies To

Neverfail Continuity Engine v8.0

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