Neverfail Service Level Objectives (SLOs)

Neverfail Service Level Objectives (SLOs)

Neverfail strives to provide the best service through incident data collection and by setting appropriate incident response times.  These goals can be met with the assistance of clearly-defined Service Level Objectives (SLO) and by following Incident Management Procedures (IMP).    SLOs set both support staff and client expectations that are based on the severity of the issue, and allow for incidents to be better tracked and managed.

Service Level Objectives
While our goal is to resolve client issues within a minimum time frame, some issues may require additional research to determine a resolution that follows industry-best practices.

     *Business hours are defined as Monday - Friday 7am - 7pm CT excluding US Holidays.


  • Priority 1 requests must be followed up with a phone call to the main support line and a voicemail left if no agent is immediately available. Please call: (512) 600-4300 and choose Option 1 for Support.
  • By default, emailed support requests will be categorized with normal priority. 
  • Standard Hours of Support exclude recognized holidays except for Critical cases.
  • Trial accounts are excluded from this SLO schedule and support is provided Monday through Friday during normal business hours of 7am – 7pm CT.

Definition of Priority Levels
NOTE: If a viable solution is available, or if the priority is assigned incorrectly as per the following definitions, we reserve the right to reassign priority level.

* A minimum of 48-hours business-day notice is required for out-of-hours support for non-critical items

Priority 1 - Critical
Describes a case where the customer is experiencing a complete service outage or other similarly deficient, crippling scenario that is impacting the availability of production systems. All Priority 1 tickets should be opened by telephone for immediate response. Priority 1 means an immediate and sustained effort using all available resources until incident resolution is achieved. 

Priority 1 cases have 24-hour coverage, 7 days a week. 

Initial response time within one hour.

Priority 2 - Urgent
Describes a case with a temporary service outage or planned customer management.

Examples include situations with more than 10 minutes of service interruptions, or performance degradation caused by Neverfail software.

Priority 2 cases have 7am - 7pm CT coverage, 7 days a week.

Initial response time within 2 business hours.

Priority 3 – Normal
Described as an incident or recurrence of a normal administrative or management issue.

Examples include management and configuration of Neverfail software or infrastructure, data imports/exports or related-shipments.

Priority 3 cases have 7am - 7pm CT coverage, Monday - Friday.

Initial response time within 8 business hours.

Priority 4 – Low
Described as everyday tasks and requests that do not have a negative impact upon Neverfail customers.

Examples include: new feature or asset requests.

Priority 4 cases have 7am - 7pm CT coverage, Monday - Friday.

Initial response time is within current to next business day. 

Incident Management Procedure
Please include in your Support Request:

  • Description of the incident.
  • Who was attempting to perform the function? UserID(s), login names, etc.
  • What were they attempting to do?
  • What were the sequences of events?
  • Who is the primary Point of Contact?
  • What is the frequency of the issue?
  • What are the affected Assets or Services?
  • When did the incident start - Time and Date?
  • When did the incident end - Time and Date?
  • Is there a legitimate workaround available?
  • What is the priority according to the chart above? (as per SLO: Low, Normal, Urgent, or Critical)

As noted above support requests should first be submitted via the Neverfail customer portal, or via email to, Priority 1 and 2 cases should then be followed up with a call to the support line on 512-600-4300 Option 1.