Why Upgrade To Neverfail Continuity Engine version 9 or higher

Why Upgrade To Neverfail Continuity Engine version 9 or higher

Taking Advantage Of Improved Performance and Security 

After 22 years and over 400,000 Continuity Engine deployments world-wide, Neverfail continues to push the boundaries with product innovation and performance. We are excited to start a new chapter by launching Continuity Engine Version 9, which delivers the most advanced application-aware failover on the market - for all applications that run on Windows. Many of our customers have had Continuity Engine in place for over a decade. Why? Because of its proven reliability and stability. Although this testifies to the strength and reliability of Continuity Engine, v9 offers incredible new features and improvements that our users should not miss out on. Now is the time to take advantage and upgrade protected applications with Continuity Engine v9.

New Core Features 

From version 6.5 through the forthcoming Continuity Engine version 10, Neverfail has continued to add valuable features:
  1. Centralized Administration
    1. HTML 5 User Experience
    2. Intuitive Unified Deployment Wizard
    3. Automated Cloning in VMware Environments
    4. Automated Upgrade Process of All Nodes in the Cluster
    5. Management Dashboard
  2. Low impact patch management.
  3. New documentation and online help that is designed to teach HOW TO based tasks.
  4. Localization (Chinese [Traditional/Simplified], Spanish, English, Romanian, Brazil Portuguese) and more are coming.
  5. Thousands of software, performance and, usability improvements.
  6. Pending maintenance renewal notifications
  7. Automated Hands-off License Management
    1. Online activation of new licenses and automatically apply them to the cluster
    2. Renew license to extend the license term
    3. Changing license features (Pair to Tertiary)

Strengthen Security 

Over time, security improvements must be implemented as part of an overall risk mitigation strategy. All software companies attempt to make improvements over time to meet the needs of today’s security-conscious customers.

Continuity Engine uses Open JDK (for automation) and Apache Tomcat (for web services). These require periodic updates to mitigate any security vulnerabilities and protect customer mission-critical applications from any malware or software exploits by hackers. Vulnerabilities are discovered every week, so it’s crucial for our Continuity Engine customers to keep current with the latest security patches.

Neverfail Continuity Engine has released a new version (v9 UPDATE 3 or higher) which fully addresses concerns over Apache Log4j. The current version of Continuity Engine now uses the latest version (2.17) of Apache Log4j APIs. Continuity Engine in previous (legacy) versions ONLY used Log4j to write out its own system logs.

Adobe FLASH was discontinued in 2020 due to its continuous susceptibility to security exploits and lack of key functionality that was filled by HTML5. This means that those who are using the older version of the Engine Management Service also ended their support levels. In many cases, the UI isn’t even functional.

Neverfail has completely redesigned the Engine Management Service, along with removing FLASH in order to improve overall security when using Continuity Engine and meet the needs of today’s cyber world.

Get the Latest Plugins 

Before Continuity Engine 2021, plugins were backwards and forwards compatible because architectures were the same. However, with Continuity Engine 2021, plugins may not necessarily be forwards compatible. Therefore, existing legacy plugins may not necessarily work on newer versions of Continuity Engine.

Continuity Engine v9 has new programmatic features that improve plugin performance and are integrated into the new HTML5 user experience. Thus, taking advantage of this feature and ensuring 100% guaranteed compatibility will require an upgrade.

Ensure You're Supported 

In software, companies strive to release improvements and innovations to keep their products relevant and competitive in the market. With this, however, it is the associated resource and operating costs that maintain and support older release versions. Inevitably, older versions will lose their value (compared to today’s version) and will be brought to their end of life.

Today, all versions of Engine from v6.7 - v8.5 are end of life. That means if customers call and it’s proven that the product requires fixing, the path forward is always to upgrade to the latest version and especially if the issue is security related or a problem is fixed in the newer version.

Paid maintenance offers customers the opportunity to upgrade to the latest product version, on demand. This solves the deficiencies and security issues that come with older versions, with break/fix support at your fingertips.

Older versions do not have the same level of support. In most cases, for products that are end of life, it’s limited to providing guidance and direction to end users but no software fixes. Paid maintenance, however, enables a path forward for customers needing immediate assistance from the Neverfail support team. It also allows them to get fixes to issues discovered in the field.

About Maintenance Renewals

Maintenance is paid yearly as a subscription model. Maintenance must be paid for in order to continue to use the product from year to year. However, there are several means of notification when using Continuity Engine v9 or higher:
  1. A product countdown within the UI on the dashboard, server status, and list of servers.
  2. Email notification (if enabled in the product) will provide users with a 90, 60, 30, 0 day; plus, a 30-day grace period notification.
  3. Notifications directly from Neverfail.


With all the new innovations over the last 5 - 7 years, improvements in performance and increased security posture, there has never been a better time to upgrade Neverfail Continuity Engine. From a security perspective, the risk far out weights the move to a subscription model. The upgrade process is very quick and easy. Neverfail professional services are also on hand to assist with the upgrade process. If you would like more information on what’s new with Continuity Engine 2021, CLICK HERE. You can also reach out to the Neverfail Sales team at sales@neverfail.com.

About Neverfail

Neverfail enables businesses to achieve 100% uptime through the world’s most resilient business continuity and secondary storage solutions. Made for mission-critical businesses, Neverfail solutions mitigate the risk of downtime in the face of any potential outage. By delivering seamless business continuity, we empower our partners and clients to realize their full potential without the risk of downtime. 4. Notifications from your reseller. Customers can pay for multiple years up-front if necessary to reduce shutoff anxiety) and keys will be generated for the full term including the extended years of maintenance.